Environmental Testing & Remediation at a former Car Repair Facility

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Water & Air provided technical services to the property owner of a former car repair facilityprior to the start of demolition activities at three located in Gainesville, Florida, where previous testing had identified lead contamination. Three areas of concern were sampled for potential soil and/or groundwater contamination, including: an oil stained area, a former hydraulic lift location, and a sump located in a concrete slab behind the radiator shop. Asbestos surveys and testing for asbestos containing material (ACMs) were completed on the three buildings, which resulted in positive identification of ACMs in buildings; no ACMs were identified in the old warehouse. In addition, the demolition contractor reported strong odors behind the one of the buildings after a concrete slab was removed. Water & Air collected soil samples for field testing with an organic vapor meter (OVM) and submitted soil samples for laboratory testing for suspected chemicals of concern.

Task Summary

  • Reviewed previous investigations completed at the properties.
  • Tested soil and groundwater for identified contaminants of concern.
  • Delineated an area of potential impacted soils to a depth of 2 feet based on OVM field screen data, odors emanating from the soil, and visual inspection of the soil samples.
  • Excavated approximately 100 tons of contaminated soil.
  • Conducted an asbestos survey and tested for potential ACMs.
  • Prepared bid specifications for asbestos abatement and demolition contractors.
  • Evaluated submitted bids and selected contractor.
  • Conducted additional soil testing and excavation of impacted soils.
  • Coordinated with soil incinerator for transport and disposal of contaminated soil.
  • Prepared report of demolition activities.


Water & Air completed soil and groundwater testing, asbestos abatement, demolition and remedial tasks at the three sites. Confirmatory soil and groundwater testing indicated the impacted soil had been removed. The excavation was backfilled, compacted and seeded. The removal of derelict buildings and contaminated soil has removed liability issues for the owner and has upgraded the property into a more attractive development opportunity.

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