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Water use has required, and will continue to require, demonstrations of balance. As water demand increases, balancing future development with water supply becomes one of the most critical planning problems facing Florida. Achieving balance requires engineers and scientists who understand the regulatory framework from two perspectives: the need to conserve water resources and the need to assist clients in meeting their water supply demands through the Water Use Permit (WUP) process. Water & Air have collected and evaluated defensible data and provided expert testimony focusing on the balance between water withdrawal, land modification, and the integrity of ecological communities. In addition to water supply support, the company has provided a broad range of environmental and engineering services for the management of toxic and hazardous wastes affecting our soil and groundwater. Services include Contamination Assessment Plans (CAP), Cleanup Agreement Documents (CAD), Site Assessment Reports (SAR), Natural Attenuation Monitoring and Reports, and modeling of pollutant transport in soils and groundwater.

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