Mission Statement & Guiding Principles

The Mission of Water & Air Research, Inc. is to be an international environmental consulting firm that achieves extraordinary results by partnering with clients to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the environment.

The Vision of Water & Air Research, Inc. is to promote environmental responsibility through the sharing of knowledge with the people and organizations we serve.

The Purpose of Water & Air Research is:

  • To provide consulting services in the areas of environment, management of resources, and management of hazardous and toxic materials, providing quality information on which to base environmental decisions.
  • To create a challenging and supportive work environment for our employees.
  • To return a reasonable profit to our stockholders.

Water & Air Research, Inc. maintains the following Guiding Principles:

  • We work to exceed our client’s expectations with every project.
  • We continuously learn and improve, treating success and failure as opportunities for growth.
  • We live in integrity, ‘practicing what we preach,’ as individuals and as a company.
  • We communicate openly and constructively, valuing differences and resolving conflicts for mutual gain.
  • We balance our lives, placing a priority on professional, personal, family, and community goals.
  • We each own our individual results and the company’s results.
  • We count our blessings and celebrate our successes.
  • We support each other professionally and personally.
  • We profit from this enterprise both financially and personally.
Contact Us

6821 SW Archer Road
Gainesville, FL 32608

800.242.4927 (Toll Free)
352.378.1500 (Fax)

Schedules: 899-1 & 899-8

CAGE Code: 9U915