Environmental Permitting & Assessment for a Proposed Citrus Nursery

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Water & Air scientists and engineers completed an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), gopher tortoise survey and relocation, septic tank siting and permitting, and water use permitting at a previously undeveloped property in central Florida. The tasks were performed on an expedited basis to accommodate an aggressive site development schedule for a greenhouse and other facilities associated with citrus tree production. Water & Air assisted with acquiring a variety of regulatory permits required to develop the property and keep the project on schedule and in compliance with local and state regulations.

Task Summary

  • Conducted a Phase I Environmental SitebAssessment (ESA) as part of due diligence prior to property acquisition.
  • Prepared and submitted Consumptive Use Permit (CUP) and submitted a Septic System Waste Management Permit.
  • Performed a gopher tortoise survey, acquired Conservation Permit and relocated gopher tortoises within the project area.
  • Analyzed site needs to determine nursery base elevation, site topography, and stormwater requirements.


A Phase I Environmental Assessment was performed on two tax parcels occupying approximately 400 acres on lands historically used for silviculture. The Phase I was performed in accordance with ASTM Standard Practices, in order to meet due diligence requirements to assess the property for environmental liability and provide guidance to prospective owners in the acquisition process. Gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus) burrows were observed during the Phase I site inspection and reported to the client. Water & Air’s certified gopher tortoise agents surveyed the site, acquired a Gopher Tortoise Conservation Permit, and relocated the tortoises to a state-licensed recipient site.

In order to obtain adequate water supply to irrigate the nursery crop of approximately 250,000 citrus trees per year, a Consumptive Use Permit for 3 water supply wells was submitted and approved to meet water demands for both private potable water supply and irrigation of nursery trees.

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