Compliance Monitoring for a County Landfill

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Water & Air assisted the Polk County Solid Waste Department in completing semiannual compliance monitoring as part of the landfill’s permit conditions. Water & Air collected groundwater samples from 58 monitoring wells for subsequent laboratory analysis. The wells were sampled in accordance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Standard Operating Procedures (DEP SOP 001/01). Some parameters required short hold times (6 hours) for receipt and processing by the analytical laboratory. Water & Air’s coordinated sample delivery with the laboratory to ensure processing within holding times and temperature constraints.

Task Summary

  • Coordinated sample kit preparation, delivery, and pickup.
  • Collected water levels from 60 assessment, detection, and compliance wells including two staff gauges.
  • Prepared groundwater flow maps.
  • Calibrated field sampling meters to detect: dissolved oxygen, specific conductivity, pH, and temperature.
  • Sampled and analyzed surface waters and leachate.
  • Sampled 58 monitoring wells.
  • Recorded the field parameters.


Water & Air delivered legally defensible groundwater quality data to Polk County Solid Waste Department. The groundwater, surface water, and leachate results were provided in required electronic format on compact disc to Polk County Solid Waste Department and FDEP. The electronic data deliverable (EDD) was provided in a compatible format with the FDEP via Automated Data Processing Tool (ADaPT).

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