Mold Assessment for a New Hotel

Mold Assessment 01

Water & Air Research, Inc. was contacted by a law firm and a construction engineering firm to assess the cause of mold problems at a new hotel in North Florida. The hotel had five floors of rooms rented to the public, common public spaces, and private support spaces. Construction of the hotel was completed in early 2011. By the fall of 2011, hotel management was aware of environmental problems including, odor problems, unusual corrosion of wires, and presence of some mold colonies. There was no consistent report of health problems associated with mold.

Task Summary

  • Acquired air and surface samples.
  • Evaluated building moisture issues.
  • Provided technical support to attorneys.


A Water & Air indoor air quality expert obtained defensible data and samples using appropriate protocol addressing the presence of fungi in the air and on surfaces in rooms of the hotel. Our expert also addressed the relationship of mold with moisture problems arising from poor construction at the hotel and assisted the attorneys in technical issues in preparation for court proceedings. Further work was suspended pending results of the negotiations for settlement.

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