Air Permit Compliance Evaluation for a Manufacturing Plant

Air Permit Compliance

Water & Air assisted in the evaluation of a production facility that has six major emission units that are permitted through the City of Jacksonville as synthetic minor sources of air pollution. These units are monitored for particulate matter and volatile organic compounds emissions. Water & Air reviewed the existing permits to determine the advantages and disadvantages of grouping them into one permit and the most beneficial timing for permit consolidation. Emission data were compared to the emissions reported in the EPA Annual Operating Reports.

Task Summary

  • Identified and inventoried air emissions sources, including emission quantification for criteria pollutants, hazardous air pollutants and greenhouse gases.
  • Analyzed and developed regulatory compliance of alternative permitting options.
  • Developed recommendations regarding future permit requirements.


The evaluation revealed some problems with previous permit emission calculations. Water & Air engineers recommended modifications to the calculations to allow the client comply with limits as presented in the existing permit. Our knowledge of the permitting trends allowed us to develop recommendations as to future permit requirements and how they might be met when required.

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