Petroleum Tank Remedial Action Plan

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The remedial action plan for a leaking underground petroleum storage tank site was conducted for Seminole County. The Remedial Action Plan required excavation of contaminated soils and the installation of sheet pilings to support the excavation activities during dewatering. Unexpected soil conditions complicated installation of the pilings. These difficulties caused noise and vibrations that brought neighbors to the site with complaints. The Water & Air site manager called a temporary halt to the operation and developed an alternate excavation method that was accomplished without sheet pilings and with minimal delay.

Task Summary


This revised Remedial Action Plan was conducted within the original project schedule and budget. Negotiations with local utilities resulted in an agreement that allowed water removed from the excavation to be discharged into the sanitary sewer, eliminating the costs of on-site treatment. These actions in combination with the money conserved by the alternate excavation method resulted in a cost savings of $80,000 for the client.

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