Groundwater Assessment and Cleanup Using Horizontal Wells

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Water & Air was selected to provide technical services to address contamination caused by long-term petroleum releases from a fuel storage tank. During the assessment work, both soil and shallow groundwater were evaluated. Impacts to shallow groundwater were documented and the limits of the contamination were delineated. The contaminant plume was found to stretch several hundred feet beneath a federal highway and toward a residential area.

Task Summary

  • Developed remediation system using an array of three horizontal wells to address the contaminated area. Designed horizontal wells based on aquifer performance testing using conventional vertical monitoring wells.
  • Utilized U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) model to derive estimates of three-dimensional hydraulic conductivities and to estimate drawdown versus flow rate.
  • Evaluated well spacing options using the model.
  • Selected dual phase extraction cleanup technology, where the shallow groundwater table is lowered to allow vapors to be extracted from the newly dewatered soil matrix.
  • Developed construction specifications and provided construction management.
  • Coordinated with regulatory agencies.
  • Conducted NPDES testing and submitted permits.


Based on the innovative and aggressive cleanup design and implementation, petroleum- impacted groundwater and soil media were remediated to Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Cleanup Standards in less than two years instead of the originally projected three year cleanup goal. This saved the client considerable money in cleanup costs and restored the subject property to clean conditions.

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