Arsenic Site Assessment and Remediation


The State’s PRIDE facility produced treated lumber using a process that involves arsenic. Arsenic residuals in soils and groundwater at the facility led to Environmental Site Assessment testing of these media and preparation of remedial (cleanup) plans that were approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Water & Air was asked to take over a contamination remediation and stormwater project that was significantly behind an FDEP-mandated deadline. As part of the project, a substantial amount of land surface alteration was included in the soil remediation plan, stormwater runoff needed to be addressed and concept plans were prepared and permits were obtained to manage runoff.

The soil cleanup plan included excavation of arsenic impacted soil and design of a paving plan and associated stormwater plans for a substantial portion of the facility. The groundwater cleanup plan management included installation of eight horizontal recovery wells from which contaminated groundwater is pumped and discharged to the waste water treatment plant for treatment. Contaminated groundwater at the site is recovered and piped to the Raiford waste water treatment plant (WWTP).

Task Summary

  • Coordinated with regulator agency.
  • Developed permitting.
  • Designed Remedial Action Plan and Groundwater Remediation System.
  • Managed subcontractors.
  • Provided construction management and oversight.
  • Conducted Operation and Maintenance (O&M).


Water & Air staff helped design and provided oversight in constructing a stormwater system and a groundwater remediation system according to permit conditions that reduced contaminant concentrates in surface and groundwater, successfully helping our client avoid fines by meeting FDEP deadlines.

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