Compliance Monitoring for a Consumptive Use Permit

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On behalf of Seminole County, Florida, Water & Air prepared monitoring plans and conducted hydrologic monitoring to address St. Johns River Water Management District Consumptive Use Permit conditions.

Task Summary

  • Developed a wetland monitoring plan to assess possible impacts to surface water features in the vicinity of several municipal wellfields.
  • Selected and installed monitoring devices at seventeen wetland monitoring stations.
  • Collected soil profiles, performed a wetland delineation, installed piezometers and staff gauges and conducted photographic monitoring at each wetland station.
  • Monitored quarterly water level data and collected groundwater quality samples from seventeen Floridan aquifer potable water production wells and eight Floridan aquifer monitoring wells.
  • Conducted vegetation maintenance three to four times a year during the active growing season to allow access to monitoring equipment.
  • Coordinated with regulatory agency personnel.
  • Prepared quarterly CUP monitoring reports that were submitted to the District for review and approval.


Water monitoring information collected by Water & Air staff was successfully used by Seminole County to meet their CUP requirements with the St. Johns River Water Management District and to demonstrate that they could continue to operate several of the areas municipal wellfields without adverse impacts to water resources in the area.

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