Deep Well Installations & Consumptive Use Permit Compliance

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On behalf of the City of Sanford and the City of Lake Mary, Water & Air prepared a Saline/Brackish Water Well Construction and Testing Plan. This plan was required by the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) to address Cities of Sanford and Lake Mary Consumptive Use Permit (CUP) conditions.Water & Air determined the locations for an Upper Floridan Aquifer Monitoring Well (UFMW) and Lower Floridan Aquifer Monitoring Well (LFMW). Both wells were designed to be utilized as part of an existing groundwater monitoring network to confirm that operation of several municipal wellfields does not adversely impact groundwater quality in the area of groundwater withdrawal. Both wells were designed as triple-cased wells to promote borehole stability, allow collection of water quality samples during well construction, minimize groundwater mixing, and to allow a discrete water-bearing zones (i.e., approximately 50 feet thick) to be monitored at the base of each well.

Task Summary

  • Determined locations for deep monitoring wells.
  • Obtained water use permits.
  • Conducted geophysical logging.
  • Prepared ID specifications.
  • Coordinated with regulatory agencies.
  • Assisted with wellfield siting.
  • Conducted compliance monitoring and water quality testing.


Our experience with Florida’s hydrogeology and the design and installation of deep Floridan Aquifer wells allowed us to propose and implement several well construction modifications during the installation,. The modifications were approved by the Water Management District and resulted in project completion ahead of schedule and within the original contract budget.

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