Wellfield Siting, Permitting, and Installation

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At a State-operated assisted living facility for the Department of Children and Families, Water & Air staff helped to locate, permit, and oversee the construction of a new potable wellfield that included five Floridan Aquifer wells. As part of the water use permitting process, a temporary Consumptive Use Permit was required to install one of the future water supply wells to conduct aquifer performance testing (APT), geophysical testing, and well logging as required by the water management district (WMD) prior to obtaining an approved Consumptive Use Permit (CUP). These testing methods were conducted at the facility to obtain hydrologic parameters needed for hydrologic modeling and to physically monitor potential impacts caused by groundwater withdrawals on natural resources and the environment.

Water & Air staff designed the well construction procedures, supervised construction of five Floridan Aquifer potable wells, and provided oversight of aquifer performance testing conducted at each of the well locations.

Task Summary

  • Conducted water use and well permitting.
  • Collected geophysical logging data.
  • Prepared bid specifications, assisted with driller selection and provided construction oversight.
  • Performed hydrologic modeling to interpret Aquifer Performance Test results and recommend optimum well schedule.
  • Coordinated with regulatory agencies.
  • Assisted with wellfield siting.


Computer modeling verified no off-site impacts would occur as a result of operating the new wellfield, and predicted that the new wellfield would not pull in contaminants from the old, contaminated wellfield location. Our experience with hydrologic testing, working with the WMDs and negotiating reasonable water use permit conditions, and sub-contractor contracts resulted in the well field being successfully installed with minimum Requests for Additional Information from the WMD and project cost overruns, thus saving the State of Florida significant time and money.

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