Exotic Plant Species Monitoring & Control

Exotic Plant Species Monitoring 01

In compliance with the Land Use and Management Plan for Santa Fe College, Water & Air ecologists conducted annual monitoring for the presence of invasive, exotic plant species on the 160-acre Institute for Public Safety property in northeast Gainesville, FL. An area of moderate to high infestation of multiple exotic invasive plant species was identified and mapped on undeveloped portions of the campus near a former plant nursery. Invasive plants identified on the property were treated by an ecologist certified in herbicide application in natural areas.

Task Summary

  • Applied herbicide and mechanical control techniques as appropriate for the species present.
  • Conducted fall and spring treatments to reduce the exotic plant coverage in the target area.
  • Documented the degree of exotic plant control achieved in the treatment area.


Approximately 80% control was achieved for Chinese tallow after the first treatment application in the fall. Successful follow-up treatment in the spring achieved control for this species in the target area; however, outlier tallow trees occurred beyond the target area. Follow-up actions to treat these outliers will prevent reinfestation into the target area and other areas on campus. Continued follow-up treatments will reduce the expenditures needed to manage invasive, exotic plants associated with the former plant nursery site.

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