Water Quality Database Development

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Water & Air was tasked with examining more than 40 years of surface-water related data from 13 river basins in the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD). The data were evaluated for quality control purposes and trend identification for a 7,640 square mile area within the SRWMD. To accomplish this, an in-house database was created and populated with data provided by the District. Using customized reports, graphs, and maps, the database provides tools for trend and statistical analyses. The data, generated by ongoing monthly sample efforts, are added and compared against historical data. To ensure that only quality data are archived for future use, outlying data, or lack thereof, are presented to the reviewer automatically upon monthly import of the new data. The water quality data, existing in a live state, are housed at Water & Air and are accessible to the SRWMD resource managers via the web.

Task Summary

  • Reviewed historical and newly acquired water quality data for spurious points.
  • Reviewed historical and current data for geographic trends.
  • Created and maintained a database to increase efficient and effective quality control review and identification of temporal and geographic trends.


Since the demonstration to the SRWMD of Water & Air’s original data refinement tools, the project has been expanded to include groundwater data in addition to the surface water data. The database continues to evolve as the District and Water & Air’s project managers envision new ways to express the data and derive tangible conclusions about the last four decades of Florida’s valuable water resources.

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