Site Assessment & Remediation at a Bulk Fueling Facility

Site Assessment & Source Removal 01

Water & Air completed Environmental Site Assessments to characterize the horizontal and vertical extent of petroleum impacts in the soil and groundwater beneath a bulk fueling facility in Putnam County, Florida. Those activities resulted in a limited source removal and design of a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

Water & Air completed assessment and remedial tasks at the site by drilling soil borings and installing monitoring wells to collect site specific groundwater and soil data. Data was collected for field screening and analytical laboratory testing to generate and interpret: groundwater elevation and flow in water bearing zones beneath the site and nearby, seasonal groundwater table fluctuations through time, horizontal and vertical extent of contaminants of concern in soil and groundwater and soil impacts above the groundwater table.

Task Summary

  • Prepared Site Assessment Reports, NPDES permit, and Source Removal Plan.
  • Completed Limited Source Removal activities, including sheet piling, dewatering, soil excavation, and on-site treatment of contaminated groundwater with discharge to storm water.
  • Installed additional monitoring well clusters during Post Excavation Assessment.
  • Prepared Pilot Test Plan and implemented the plan to obtain site specific data from air sparge, vapor extraction and multiphase extraction pilot tests.
  • Completed Source Removal Report, Pilot Test Plans and RAP.


Site assessment activities date back to the late 1990s, including collection of groundwater and soil samples identifying contaminants. Limited Source removal was performed at the site in 2009 with approximately 3,570 tons of contaminated soil excavated; and approximately 2,473,000 gallons of groundwater pumped, treated on-site and discharged to a storm water swale adjacent to the property. Soil and groundwater data collected after the source removal confirmed remaining petroleum contamination south and west of the source removal area beneath an office/garage and near a private residence. A RAP recommending the use of horizontal wells drilled under the existing building and structures to treat soil and groundwater petroleum impacts was submitted in January 2012. Revisions to the RAP were provided at the request of the regulatory agency and a RAP was approved by FDEP in 2013. Program changes at FDEP have delayed implementation of the RAP. Water & Air has been successful in cleaning up significant contamination at the site and awaits FDEP action to move forward with future cleanup activities.

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